Paul Busse(non-registered)
Some of the best railroad environment photography I've seen. Thank you
John Sagert(non-registered)
Fred, This is beautifully done. I love your view on the places I've been. They bring back a lot of memories. Thank you for sharing these with us. Hope to see you on the rails someday.
Collette Shrader(non-registered)
This is beyond words Fred. I love this. I am finding some old favorites. Thank you, Thank you, thank you.
Carlie Hensley(non-registered)
There is a mood in all of your work that I cant explain in words, I just know that it's good for my soul :) You are truly one of the best photographers around.
sandy cline(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful work....makes me miss home (Pennsylvania)....I can smell the aromas of the beauty through your work....thank you
Charlotte Steed(non-registered)
Wonderful work, enjoyed touring your site. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you so much for the journey thru WV! I felt like I was there-
Ulrich Burkhalter(non-registered)
I always loved West Virgina....
But the way you show it through your view finder and capture the pictures, just makes me want to get up and go see for myself.....
Awesome work !!!
Ed Novack(non-registered)
Your pictures are just incredible and I admire your work on Flickr daily. Keep up the great work!
John Coffey(non-registered)
A really great site, Fred! I haven't been able to look at everything yet, but what I've seen is really good photography. As always, I especially love your railroad photographs.
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